DeWitt County Law Enforcement holds active shooter drill

Dewitt County law enforcement along with the Westhoff ISD held an active shooter drill Friday.

Mass shootings have become all too common, and Dewitt County wants to make sure they are prepared in the event something tragic like that happens.

Once the active shooter call came over the radio, first responders rushed to the scene to take out the shooter and evacuate the building.

” What we did was try to compress a 7-day event into three hours, ” said Sheriff Bowen, Dewitt County.

While officers and troopers cleared the building, Sheriff Bowen held a press briefing outside during the drill. ” Officers have responded, and we do have people who are injured, to the extent of their injuries I can’t speak on it at this time. ”

Superintendent David Kennedy believes these drills are helpful in keeping staff and students safe because he has been in a situation involving SWAT.

” It kind of woke me up and I have tried to always build that into every district I have worked in. To work because real life scenarios can happen and take place and need to be prepared ” said David Kennedy, Westhoff ISD Superintendent.

Kennedy adds this drill although very intense, was very needed.

” We feel better now that we’ve gone through it, we got a great group of people here that supported us. I can’t say enough of the first responders, they took charge and gave us direction. I feel really good about it, it was real positive. ”

Once the drill was over, first responders along with Westhoff ISD employees talked about what they learned from the drill. The biggest take away is the lack of communication.

” Some of the issues were taking place between the school and law enforcement because we do operate in different types of environments, so combining those two environments tends to be the most challenging that’s why these type of trainings are more valuable, ” said Carl Bowen, DeWitt County Sheriff.

They also agree there is no one right or wrong way to handle an active shooter situation.
Over the next few weeks, they will all review the drill to determine what other details need to be worked out to ensure everyone is prepared if something like this were to ever happen in real life.