DeWitt County election, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace race

Incumbent Mayer vs. Condie

DEWITT COUNTY, Texas – Early voting for the primary election in Dewitt County starts next Monday, Feb. 14. Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1 has two candidates running.

The current Justice of the Peace incumbent Peggy Mayer has held this position for 19 years. When a Justice of the Peace is elected, there are many tasks they complete. For example, handling speeding tickets, evictions, warrants, and civil jurisdiction which has increased throughout time. While serving in this position for many years, Mayer feels she’s earned the trust of people living in precinct 1.

“Well I’ve been involved with the community for 30 plus years and I felt that the community,” she said. “I’ve earned their respect and trust to continue my service to the DeWitt county citizens of Precinct one,” said Mayer.

When she was younger, Mayer went to Cuero high school. She is married to her husband Jimmy Mayer, has two sons, and a granddaughter. During her spare time, she enjoys cooking, fishing, and sewing. Overall, she enjoys providing customer service for DeWitt in the past couple of years.

“We know the people in DeWitt county. We know our constituents and I believe that they trusted me. If not, I wouldn’t be in this office for 19 years,” said Mayer.

The other candidate is Selena Condie, who has lived in DeWitt for six years. She was inspired to run because she’s been involved in community service for most of her life. Condie has previous experience working in insurance and has a real estate license. One of the reasons she was inspired to run for Justice of the Peace was to use her skills to really benefit the county.

“The opportunity arose and I am just happy that I live in a nation where we have the opportunity to make changes where needed. And voting is the way we do that. So that is what inspired me to run,” said Selena Condie.

Condie is married to her husband Jay Condie. In addition, she has a larger family with five children and eight grandchildren. Other involvements for Condie is her participation in the Cuero Rotary board. Furthermore, she wants to provide great customer service to DeWitt county, along with focusing on truancy cases in Cuero ISD. During her spare time, she enjoys ballroom dancing and horseback riding.

“I personally feel that I have a very tenacious personality. Definitely approachable and I can relate to people of all walks of life. I’m respectful to everyone” said Condie.

Both candidates know the duties of a Justice of the Peace in Precinct 1 and are determined to serve the people living in DeWitt county.