DeWitt County dedicates Musical Park to honor Veterans

Today the DeWitt County Historical Commission held their dedication to the Let Freedom Ring Musical Park.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the event and tells us about the park.

Even on a rainy day it was a sigh of relief for the DeWitt County Historical Commission, because they final got to dedicate the Let Freedom Ring Musical Park. For many Vietnam Veterans all they wanted was a warm welcome home. “When we came back we weren’t honored at all. It was not a pleasant thing, declares David Dodge, Veteran. “We hurried and got out of uniform real quick before we even went to the airport.”
I asked Dodge how does he feel now that DeWitt County is honoring the service of all veterans.
“It makes you feel good that they are remembering Veterans and are honoring them,” exclaims Dodge. To honor Veterans the historical commission put a bell in the middle of the park and name marked pavers. Chairman Peggy Ledbetter says the dedication was an emotional experience.. And all the happy tears made all the work worthwhile.

“A lady brought her 93 year old father here and she said he cried and he looked at her and said this is something that is going to be here along time,” explains Peggy Ledbetter, Chairman of DeWitt County Historical Commission. “And we wont be forgotten.” Ledbetter says the musical instruments are for the younger generation to have fun but also spark a passion for patriotism. “I am hoping that they will understand that these people gave part of their live but they are proud of what they did,” tells Ledbetter. “But I want them to know that we are proud of them, and I am hoping the children will grow up with some patriotism like what we displayed today.” Veteran David Dodge wants the next generation to understand that freedom isn’t always free. “The freedoms we have in America and our way of life is worth fighting for, worth defending, keeping and honoring,” says Dodge. The Let Freedom Ring Musical Park is going to remember Veterans for generations to come.
So Crossroads come on out here and enjoy this beautiful park and have some fun.