DeWitt County celebrates 175 years

Founded in 1846, DeWitt county holds weekend celebration

CUERO, Texas – DeWitt County continues celebrating their 175th anniversary this weekend. Community members can learn about the county’s history through a variety of events. Such as live music and hands-on activities showcasing life in Texas a long time ago.

According to their history, the state of Texas declared DeWitt as an official County in 1846. Naming it after Green DeWitt, who was an early settler in the state.  Event organizer Mary Gayle Brindley said they’ve been anticipating this celebration for months.

“For months we’ve been saying we’re gonna party like it’s 1846, but we’re gonna party responsibly,” said Brindley.

Along with live bands throughout the day, there are many historical aspects to the celebration, from life in early Texas re-enactments to hands-on activities like rope-making and fire starting. Jack Boothe helped coordinate the re-enactors for these events and cares deeply about the importance of history.

“Well if you forget the past you don’t have a good future, you have to be able to learn the past to go forward,” said Boothe.

The ‘Weekend in Olde DeWitt’ party continues tomorrow in case you missed today’s festivities. From 1 p.m – 4 p.m., there’s a “Bring your own picnic lunch and gospel sing-along” in Cuero at the First Presbyterian Church Pavillion.