DeTar Family Medicine Residency Program Recruits their First Class

Victoria – The DeTar Healthcare System’s Family Medicine Residency program entered its first Match Day and came out a winner having filled all six family medicine residency slots offered in the inaugural year of the program. The new physicians fill a need for more primary care providers in the region.

On March 22, Sidney Ontai, M.D., director of DeTar Family Medicine Residency and assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Medicine, announced that the DeTar Family Medicine Residency Program had successfully recruited their first class. For a physician to practice medicine they must go through three years of training in their desired specialty called residency. DeTar Residency Program’s specialty is Family Medicine.

Match Day is one of the most nerve-wracking days in the lives of fourth-year medical students. It’s the day they learn where they will complete their residencies. Residency program leaders attend recruitment events on medical school campuses and encourage soon-to-be physicians to fill out an application for residency. DeTar received more than 1,000 applications and scheduled just 80 interviews. Part of the interview process included rounding with physician faculty members and interacting with patients and the entire residency team. As Match Day nears, faculty ranks physicians they interviewed in hopes that these young men and women also choose their practice or hospital.

“DeTar’s residency program matched physicians we ranked very high,” added Ontai. “In my opinion, the fact that they ranked us equally high shows these physicians recognize the level of opportunity here at DeTar and realize it would be comparable or even greater than what they would experience in other communities. They liked us just as much as we liked them.”

These residency positions are the result of an affiliation with Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine to create a three-year program to address a critical need for more primary care physicians in South Texas. Residency programs like the Family Medicine Residency Program play a key role in the comprehensive physician workforce solution to recruit and cultivate talented physicians.

DeTar Family Medicine Residency Program sought physicians who are trailblazers and leaders, willing to put in extra effort to help build the foundation for generations of future residents and build the program’s legacy. Residents come from near and far to join the program, and all have ties to Texas.

* Inez Leal Elder, M.D., San Antonio, Texas

* Daniel Espinosa, M.D., Victoria, Texas

* Wei Han, M.D., Austin, Texas

* Chike Ochieze, M.D., Houston, Texas

* Sandra Nweke, M.D., Houston, Texas

* Janaki Samaraweera, M.D., Daytona, Fl.

The residents will begin their training in July 2016 and will complete their training in June 2019.