Demolition Process Underway For Victoria Islamic Center

Piece by piece, workers demolished the Victoria Islamic Center, a place that Zohib Qadri says was like a second home.

“Seeing it gone is just very emotionally draining,” says Qadri.

The demolition of the Mosque follows the fire that destroyed the building last Saturday morning. People traveling from out of town came to pay their respects.

“I came to take a look and take a time to grieve the burning of this mosque incident,” says Azrar Khan from Los Angeles.

“People all over the world come to see it, and then they come to help. It’s the greatest thing,” says Som Behura from Houston.

And through it all, Qadri says he looks forward to piecing together what was lost.

“Honestly just seeing the outpouring of support not only in Victoria but throughout the world is a beautiful thing. That gives me confidence in what’s to come,” he says.