Democrat running for Tax Assessor-Collector in November

VICTORIA, Texas- The Republican Tax Assessor collector runoff is on May 26th and it’s between Ashley Hernandez and David Hagan. The winner will face Democrat, Jane Bernal.

Last week Hernandez and Hagan spoke about why they would be the best candidate to represent the Republican Party after the May 26th runoff election. Now Democrat Bernal tells us why she thinks she should win the seat on November 3rd in the General Election.

“I think my faith and my passion to serve others is vital in this position, because you’re not working as an administrator of an office, you’re also having contact with taxpayers that come in and I think that’s very important to me,” says Jane Bernal, the Democrat candidate for the Tax Assessor-Collector.

On Super Tuesday Bernal was the only Democrat candidate on the ballot running as Tax Assessor-Collector. So she automatically advanced to the General Election in November.
She explains how she’s going to reach out to the community before that race.

“I have a lot of volunteers this time around and they’re going to go with me door to door and I would like to speak with the citizens in the county to see what their needs are and what they are looking for as a Tax Assessor-Collector,” said Bernal.

I have a passion and a strong faith in serving others and that’s what I wish to do as your Tax Assessor-Collector,” said Bernal.

Again Bernal will not be on the ballot for May 26th election. She will only be running for the seat on November 3rd.