Delta Brings Meals Back to Economy Class

Free food on the airlines is making a bit of a comeback. Delta Airlines announced it is bringing meals back to economy class on 12 long-haul routes over the next several weeks. Delta was among the first to drop meals in economy back in 2001, and all the other big U.S carriers did the same by 2010. But carriers have returned to profitability. Delta tests free meals on flights between New York and California last year and believes the meals will offer a competitive advantage. American and united airlines are studying the possibility of adding complimentary meals in the main cabin. In other business news, the competition among the nation’s wireless carriers continues. Following Verizon’s announcement earlier this week that it will now offer unlimited data plans, the country’s number four carrier Sprint announced a new deal to attract customers, upping its previous offer of five lines with unlimited data for $90. The new offer will no include high-definition video streaming and 10 GB of mobile hot spot data. T-Mobile has already improved its unlimited data plan as a price war among wireless carriers appears to be in the works.