Deliberation continues in sentencing phase in Amber Sorensen trial

The sentencing phase resumed Wednesday morning in the trial for Amber Sorensen.

The first testimony came from Zeenath Hirani, a woman who dated Joseph Bazan after Sorensen, and Hirani described a violent encounter with Sorensen.

Hirani said at that time she was in the restroom at Bazan’s house and Sorensen came in arguing with him and calling her names. Then Sorensen barged into the restroom and became very aggressive and Bazan pulled Sorensen away.

Next several members of Sorensen’s family took the stand, and said they have never known Sorensen to be a violent person, and she wouldn’t be a threat to society. The state asked Robert Durham, Sorensen’s father, if he thinks probation is the correct sentencing for a person who killed someone? Durham hesitated for a moment, and then he said it “depends on the circumstances.”

When the state asked Justin Durham, Sorensen’s brother, if he agrees with the jury’s decision to find Amber guilty of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. He said, “no.”

Amber Sorensen was found guilty of Enhanced Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Causing Serious Bodily Injury to a Family of Household Member on Tuesday. Character statements began Tuesday afternoon and continued into Wednesday.

Currently, both attorneys have presented their closing arguments to the jury. Now it’s in their hands to determine if Amber Sorensen should get a prison sentence or probation.

The sentencing deliberation will resume at 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning.