Decline in Red Kettle Donations at Salvation Army

The Salvation Army saw a sharp decline in Christmas kettles donations from last year. Captain Laura Martin told us they were short $12,000 and the economy might be to blame. “We assume the decrease was because of the economy we know that the oil field causes a lot of people to move out of town and changes the economy of the community,” said Martin.

With many people deciding to stay home and shop this holiday season, you can also make a donation to the salvation army’s red kettle program online.
“Yes, they can donate and they are tax deductible donations and you can go to,” said Martin. With the decreasing funds this past holiday season, there are cuts that will be made to this years budget.
“Unfortunately that is a good business tactic that we will have to change the amount in the budget that we thought we would get from the kettle season,” said Martin.

Different services like soup and shelter and the thrift store could be affected because of the decrease of red kettle donations..
“It may mean a difference between being able to hire another employee to help me to run the thrift store and may make a difference in how many hours i can stay open,” said Martin. Salvation Army is always taking monetary donations outside of the holiday season to serve the community.