Dean Harwell is our Military Hero of the month

It’s that time of the month again where we honor the Military Hero of the month. Our winner for December is Dean Harwell. We are with Elane and Dean Hardwell and were talking about Military Hero of the month and I wanted to ask Mrs. Harwell what gave you the idea of nominating your husband Dean.

“Because he’s so honorable and he just has a discipline about him,” said Elane Harwell.

Mr. Harwell, could you let us know why you served in the military?

Dean Hardwell said, “Well, I inlisted in 1967 shortly after high school and it was a point in time I really didn’t know what to do you know Vietnam War was going on, so a friend of mine had enlisted a year earlier, so I went through and I decided to stick with it and 22 years later I retired,”.

Well, some of the places you served were not only in Vietnam but in Libya and aboard the ship is that correct?

“Right, I was with the Strick Fighter Squad 131 Wildcats. We were out of Jacksonville Florida and actually, we were on a seven month, well supposed to be a seven-month deployment to the Mediterranean. I was on the USS Coral C and USS America and so we went down there and did a banged-up job,” said Hardwell.

On behalf of Mac Haik Lincoln-Mercury and Newscenter 25, we want to present you with a couple of things. The first one is a plaque and passes for a lot of food and I think you will enjoy that. That’s the least we can do to reward you for being the Military Hero of the Month.