DEA agents who captured Pablo Escobar visit Victoria

The life of drug lord Pablo Escobar has captured the attention of millions across the world including the popular streaming app Netflix. The Victoria 100 Club hosted 2 of the DEA agents responsible for the infamous story.

Law enforcement is a key part of any community- their roll, crucial.
In the U.S. alone, more than 20 officers of law have died this year, and the Victoria 100 Club, hopes to keep their families in mind.

“[Our] main mission, is to take care of family of dependents if a law enforcement personnel were lost
in the line of duty, we step in where we can,” says Cammy Fromme, Presient of Victoria 100 Club.

This year, marking the 40th anniversary of the organization, had special guests for current law enforcement in Victoria. Two former DEA agents, key leaders in the capture of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, who happen to inspire the Netflix hit show, Narcos.

“We had never seen a person of this caliber before, he was the king of the narcotic traffickers and whoever got in his way he’d kill..” say former DEA agent Javier Peña.

Javier Peña and Steve Murphy, both voluntarily worked alongside the Colombian national police, both saying this case was the biggest they’ve worked in their lifetime.

“It was kind of a dawning challenge to start with, but it was very exciting too, you’re finally up in the top level working the biggest drug trafficker in the world, so it’s pretty exciting,” adds Steve Murphy, former DEA agent.

Now, both retired, they dedicate their time to travel across the world to share more on the cruel reality that is drug trafficking– one not as glamorous as a hit show may portray.

“In our message is we tell the truth, we try to learn, it’s a lesson in history, we learn from our mistakes we did back then, you know we try to apply that now.” adds Peña.

Victoria Sheriff’s took a seat to learn more over this topic relevant in our area.

“I realize one story is Colombia and another is Victoria County, but what Javier and Steve are going to tell us tonight is the truth,” adds Fromme.