De Witt County Now Under Burn Ban

As of 12:01 am January 24th, De Witt County has been placed under a burn ban. The recent freezes in the Crossroads has killed the top layer of grass despite the recent rainfall. ” Even though we had three inches of rain in the last three weeks, the grass was killed during the freeze and with the low humidity and high winds the top grass is dry and will catch a fire,” said Cyndi Smith Emergency Management Coordinator.

De Witt County Emergency Management Coordinator Cyndi Smith tells me as the rain is being soaked in at the bottom fire fighters are having issues battling the fire on the scene. “Well it is allowing the rain to the bottom, that is what causing our fire fighters issues because the trucks get stuck in the mud and has to be pulled out in the middle of a fire,” said Smith.

With the burn ban in effect there are some items you can burn if need be. ” If you need to burn paper or trash, it needs to be in a covered container,” said Smith. And if you are caught doing any burning during the ban, you will be fined,” said Smith. There is a $500 penalty if you are caught and the fire department shows up or you are seen burning.”

If De Witt County sees more rainfall, more humidity and lower winds, the burn ban will be lifted early.