Days Gone Bye helped raise money for two local non-profit organizations

Mid-Coast Family Services and Clays for Cara are two local organizations that will receive the money from this event.

Genni Stafford, Chief Executive for Mid-Coast Family Services says, “It’s so gratifying to see because sometimes it feels like we’re doing this work on our own and the work gets really, really hard. It can be sad, so when you realize there are people who have your back it’s very encouraging,”

Days Gone Bye had a silent auction and donation drawing for a good cause. It was a way to raise money for Mid-Coast Family Services and Clays for Cara Foundation. Both non-profit organizations help families who are dealing with devastating situations.

“We are able to offer support to them when they are at a terrible crisis in their lives and sometimes in need of extra funding,” said, Wendy McDonald, Cara Ann Hobbs Foundation Board Member.

Clays for Cara Foundation started in 2010 as Cara Hobbs discovered she had brain cancer. Her death prompted the Hobbs family to help support others during their emotional times.

“It was extremely emotional, very emotional. She was a young mother, she was a very caring person and just really lived the right kind of life and for this to happen to her was really a tragedy,” said McDonald.

Meanwhile, Mid-Coast Family Services explained their services to the Crossroads community.

“Mid-Coast Family Services is dedicated to serving individuals whose been impacted by family violence, homelessness, sexual assault, and substances abuse. So most of the time that we have people walk in our door they have had some sort of major traumatic event,” said Stafford.

Both organizations will continue their efforts in granting money to those individuals in need.