Day 5 of the Marq Perez Trial

Today was Day 5 in the Perez trial and at 5 I told you the prosecution rested their case. Immediately following that the defense motioned for acquittal and the judge denied it
The defense was trying to build a time line to put Perez at the hospital for the birth of his second child. But neither the Detar North Nurse nor his own father Mario Perez could testify that Perez was in the hospital between the afternoon of January 27th, and the early morning of January 28th. Notably missing from the witness stand was the mother of his child, who would be the only person that could testify he was with her for the entire night.
one other witness the defense called was his boss of Hays Electric. The defense rested their case.
After counselors and the judge prepare charges this weekend, The charges and closing statements will be presented to the jury on Monday at 9:30am Previous reporting The prosecution and defense both rested Today in day 5 of the Marq Perez trial.

Today began with the defense calling K.R Perez’s teen accomplice, back to the stand because Perez’s lawyer believed that K.R’s dad wrote his police statement. Now why this is important is because K.R says that he didn’t feel comfortable writing a statement because he never liked writing essays in school. but he says his dad helped him put his thoughts into words. After K.R’s questioning the prosecution brought back ATF agent Taylor for the defense to finish cross-examining. he talked about the day they arrested Perez, During that cross examination Perez’s lawyer asked Taylor about their search of the duplex Perez and K.R lived in. Taylor says they found a little over 20 phones in k.r’s possession that were stolen from the mosque. Taylor says that K.R sold some of the phones via Facebook and the ATF were able recover some of the sold phones. Taylor says once Perez was in custody at the station he waved is rights to a lawyer during questioning. Once the defense was finished question the ATF agent the prosecution rested their case.