Day 4 of the Marq Perez Trial

Day four in the Marq Perez case centered on the testimony of a key witness – Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez was in court and has the details.

Day four continued with the prosecution questioning witnesses– however today a teen identified only by his initials K. R. Testified about the detail and took the jury step by step through the multiple crimes charged against Perez.

Perez seems calm and collected as he sits and listens closely when K.R., a 17 year old takes the stand- K.R. states he and Perez were close friends- they lived in the same duplex and Perez dates one of his cousins.

The prosecution presents images of multiple Facebook conversations, all detailing the planning of the first burglary to the mosque, where both entered looking for guns. Only finding cellphones, both stole the phones to resell them via Facebook.

K.R. admits being present when Perez tried to bomb a car with fireworks, broke into the mosque a first time, and finally breaking in a second time setting fire to the mosque.

K.R. testified for more than 3 hours, taking questions from both the prosecutors and the defense attorney.

The trial for Marq Perez is yet to be completed. Judge Rainy states the trial could extend until Monday due to witnesses availability.