Day 3 of the Marq Perez Trial

Day three of the Marq Perez trial concluded Wednesday afternoon. Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez has followed the case and has details over what was happened in court.

Greater part of the day was focused on the evidence provided through the investigation dealing with smoke patterns and where the fire began. Smoke damaged above the mosque doors that remained after the fire– helped trace the track of the fire. ATF Agent demonstrated with an instructional video just how quickly a fire will spread with items like paper or furniture- the defense argued the demonstration video was not a good example due to a mosque being an open space which has no furniture– like pews found in a Christian Church.

ATF agent and forensic chemist Johanan Jermaine took the stand as the third witness for the prosecution. He testified his findings after testing cylinder shells found as evidence of the vandalism committed at the home of one of Perez’s relatives prior to the fire. Those tested positive for black powder, commonly found in large fireworks.

Shot gun shells also found on scene believed to be used prior to the January 28th fire were also tested. Investigators concluded that the fired shells were fired from a shot gun that was seized from Perez’ home.

The trial is set to continue Thursday morning at 9 am, the defense is expected to bring two witnesses to the stand.