Day 3 in Alvarez Trial: Local law enforcement testify

Several eye witnesses took the stand today, local law enforcement and hospital staff gave their accounts of the car crash.
First to testify, Citizens Medical Center trauma director Doctor Matthew Janzow who treated Yvonne Calhoun’s injuries from the car crash. Janzow says Calhoun suffered severe injuries, broken bones, cuts and a collapsed lung.
Next on the stand was Victoria Police Officer Branden Allen who says the cause of the crash was reckless driving including intoxication and failure to control speed. Officer Allen says Alvarez was traveling 89 mph. Allen evaluated video and photo evidence of the crash from Wal-Mart surveillance cameras. Alvarez struck Calhoun’s vehicle so hard her car rolled over.
Officer Allen then explained Victoria Police Department crash call procedures and investigations. Officers oil mark the scene, input the data in Aras 360, a crash report software, to calculate distance, time and speeds of a crash.
Victoria Fire Department EMT Austin Carter testified Alvarez admitted to drinking 3 or 4 beers before driving. Carter says Alvarez refused to share his previous medical history. Alvarez also refused to be checked out at the scene.
After lunch recess, former VPD officer Blair Cerny testified he was doing a routine bar check in the area when the crash happened. Officer Cerny says blood was pouring from Calhoun’s face and head. Cerny then went to the back seat to assess Sophie. The child was unconscious with irregular breathing. Officer Cerny witnessed Sophie convulsing every 20 to 30 seconds.
The trial is scheduled to continue Thursday.
We will follow this trial and keep you updated with the latest information.