Day 2 of West High School in-person graduation takes place Tuesday

VICTORIA, Texas — Day two of VISD’s in-person graduation ceremonies took place at Memorial Stadium Tuesday evening. Graduates from Victoria West High School with last names beginning with letter M-Z were recognized.

East High School will host graduation on Wednesday and Thursday. Liberty Academy’s graduation will take place on Friday.

The class of 2020 is about 400 graduating seniors per school. Each day roughly 200 graduates walk the field.

The Victoria-ISD Superintendent Quintin Shepherd will be attending each ceremony, he says, “we feel like this is such an important moment in a child’s life, and really for the entire family. And we’re excited that we could bring everyone together in this type of environment in a way that’s safe. And that was the part that we really wanted to focus on, so that the students and their parents and the staff, they can celebrate. Our focus was on safety and I’m really happy that we get to do this.”

Graduates and their families wait in their vehicles before the commencement begins, then line up at the Eastern end of the stadium before walking. Social distancing measures are in place, all families are at least 10 feet apart. A photo is taken of each senior on-stage before they rejoin their families on the other side.