Day 2 of the Marq Perez Trial

It is day two of the Marq Perez trial. He is accused of burning down the Victoria Islamic Center Mosque. He is facing charges of a hate crime and also with use of a fire to commit a federal felony. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spent the day in the court house and has the very latest on what was said at the witness stand and by the prosecution and defense. Much today’s testimony centered around an online group called the three-percenters, self identified constitutionalists. They want to uphold the constitution with government or police. Perez appeared to have split from the group and began doing recon missions on the local Victoria Muslim community because he saw them as threats. the FBI found Perez’s belief baseless. Coworkers and friends of Perez testified that his hate speech and anti-Muslim feelings increased in the months prior to the fire. the department of justice’s forensic analyst of technology began his statements regarding the radical internet trail Perez left behind from December 2016 to February 2017. The forensic analyst found 4 pictures of the fire on Perez’s phone but couldn’t find out where they were taken at because the location was turned off on the photo. The analyst sent the photos to Victoria fire Marshall tom Leglar where he was able to identify where the photos were taking.
Leglar testifies that he figured out where Perez took the photos by street signs.
During the investigation–three homeless suspects emerged–but were ruled out. the trial is set to resume tomorrow morning at 9am.