Day 18 of government shutdown: What locals have to say

More than two weeks of a partial government shutdown and the effects are trickling down to a local level. The solution seems to not be near.

There are two major questions that come to mind when we think of the partial government shutdown. That is,”How will this affect me?” and “What will end it?? We spoke to locals about what they think on this subject.

“Texas specifically is going to be affected by this more so than the rest of the country because there are a lot of government workers because we are such a large state.” says Dave Sather, Financial Advisor of Sather Financial Group in Victoria.

Twenty percent of government employees reside in Texas. These employees begin to see what no federal pay means.

“I think that [TSA workers] are a little concerned and some are not showing up for work- for government offices, it may be smart to call ahead and see if they are actually up and functioning just so that you don’t show up expecting someone to take care of you.” adds Sather.

As tax season approaches, the IRS, a government office, has stated, tax returns will be sent out, regardless of only having about 12% of its workforce available.

“Everything that they’re supposed to do will be much much slower, so I would imagine tax refunds will be much slower in getting it back into the hands of people. That’s a very immediate impact that you typically see in the first quarter of the new calendar year.” adds Sather.

But when we track back to why the government shut down, the disagreement for building Presidents Trump’s key promise of a wall, local veterans have a lot to say…

“we need that wall, I know it’s not going to stop 100% of illegal immigration into the United States, but it’s going to stop a whole lot.” states Navy CB Veteran Will Martin.

Martin who served in this branch which specializes in construction, says he agrees with the proposed idea of using military forces to start the southern border wall.

“That is our main goal in life, is building things, we have to feed those cb’s and I much rather see them down on the border building that wall and feeding them there. That’s what they do, that’s their job, that’s why they enlisted, they want to do things like that.” adds Veteran Martin.

The wall and its construction won’t solve all, but Martin adds it is a start for better national security.

“I want to feed the American people, I want to take care of them first, quit worrying about everyone else.” he adds.