Dallas to remove confederate statues

DALLAS–The Mayor of Dallas is now working to get confederate monuments removed from his state.

Mayor Mike Rawlings is calling for a task force to review the possible removal of confederate statues in the city. A growing number of Dallas council members have been calling for confederate monuments to be taken down in public spaces. This is in the wake of violence in Virginia last week

Rawlings says a task force would be created and work for 90 days and present its findings to the office of cultural affairs, who would then take the matter to the city council.

“We know about this bigotry and hatred all too well in Dallas,” Rawlings said. “A place that for so long was a bastion of the Ku Klux Klan and was dubbed the city of hate.”

“As we try to grow as a city, we can never ignore the fact that race and our racial injustices of the past continue to haunt us and the institutional racism we see economically every day keeps us from the goal that we have as a city.”

The mayor adds that Dallas police are being prepped for possible protests this weekend against the monuments with supporters of the statues also expected to show up.