Current Guadalupe River conditions and forecast

Current Guadalupe River Conditions and Forecast

The Guadalupe River is currently at 29.32 feet and the river will crest on Wednesday at 31.5 feet.

What to expect at 31 ft and lower:

Up to 40 square blocks in the Greens Addition Subdivision could flood, especially at the end of Gunther Street, encroaching the roadway ditches.

Areas west of Moody Street between Water Street and Constitution Street flood, and access probably will be limited, including homes near Club Westerner.

Houses may flood at the west end of Convent Street near Victoria Street, and move into the inside lane of Moody Street and Wolfman Street.

Flooding occurs in Riverside Park and much of the Riverside Golf Course, including the golf cart sheds and the Texas Zoo.

Water may flood houses at the west end of Convent Street near Victoria Street. The lowest homes in the Greens Addition Subdivision in Victoria and Riverside Park.

Fordyce Road will be impacted and the main portion of Patriot Park is closed.

Water, Ice and Food Available at The Community Center at Noon Today

The Community Center distribution point will be opening at noon today to provide whatever ice and water supplies may be available at that time. Supplies are limited. The Salvation Army is setting up to distribute meals at the Community Center distribution site on Tuesday, Aug. 29 beginning at noon. The Community Center is located at 2905 North Street.