Cuero Tree Board is asking for help in naming 14 historical trees

The Cuero Tree Board has started naming historical trees throughout the city.

“The Cuero Tree Board came up with this idea a year ago to name the trees that are in the streets of Cuero,” tells Anthony Netardus, President of Tree Board. “We have identified 14 historic trees in the streets of Cuero…and then we are asking the public for their input on naming the trees.”

They will be doing three naming events a year until all 14 are named, so they are asking you to reach out with name suggestions.

“We are asking them to nominate a name, pick the location and then tell us a little why the tree should be named that name,” adds Netardus.

Friday, the name of the tree on Main street was unveiled as Aubrey Feril Oak.

“Please join me as we celebrate the newest name Aubrey Feril Oak,” excliams Wes Dukes, speaker.

These centuries old trees have survived hundreds of years worth of natural disasters, population influx, and urban development.

“Thirty-eight years ago, I started working here and this tree looked pretty bad. It had a lot of bald moss on it. It had a lot of dead limbs,” explains Aubrey Feril, Tree Name Recipient. “I didn’t know if the city took care of it, but I just kind of adopted the tree. I had it sprayed and trimmed, and I just kind of tried to love it back a little.”

With a little tender love and care, this tree flourished, and because of Feril’s work, community members decided to name this tree after him.

“It’s really an honor and it’s truly a ‘wow’ moment in my life to have a nice tree like this named after me,” Feril says emotionally. “You know it took a long time to grow that tree. I’m just honored; that’s it. It’s just a great moment in my life, especially with a limited number of trees, and to get one named after me is a blessing.”

They want to continue this tradition until all 14 of the trees are named.

For tree nominations, send an email to Katelyn Corporon at
Please include the tree location of which you are nominating, along with the name and a description of why you want it named that.

It’s in the works that by next week you can access the list of trees on the city website under the tree board page.