Cuero sends four powerlifters to state meet in Abilene

CUERO, Texas —  The Cuero Gobblers have four powerlifters heading to the state championship meet in Abilene on March 26.

Cody Baker is a senior competing in the 181 weight class.  This is his first time heading to the state championship. A few of Baker’s goals are to break the 505 lbs barrier in deadlift and to break all his personal records. Baker is confident in his abilities and is expecting to bring home the gold.

I feel like I prepared well and I’m confident in my abilities, said Baker. All I have to do is show up and do what I do and things will go smoothly.

Up until the meet he is working on speed training to help his locking out and plans on treating this meet like everyone before.

Javaree Bacon who is also heading to state for the first time as a junior. Bacon will be competing in the 198 weight class. Currently Bacon’s PRs are 620 lbs in squat, 320 lbs in bench and 570 lbs in deadlift.

I am trying to get top three, said Bacon. There are a lot of strong people in my class so I’m shooting for top three.

Daniel Hughston is a senior and this is his first time heading to the state tournament. He is expecting to finish in the top three in the 132 weight class and make PRs on all his lifts and total. Last year, Houghston could not make state because he had surgery on his shoulder.

I’ve worked hard in the past years of doing this and haven’t been able to do it, said Hughston. So being able to do it this year is a big accomplishment.

Hughston lifts everyday and is working on his form and technique. Currently, his PRs are 425 lbs in squat, 205 lbs in bench and 385 lbs in deadlift.

Kyle Weghorst who is also the first to make the trip up to the state championship meet. Weghorst will compete in the 275 weight class and is looking to PR in deadlift.

My main goal is to squat 700 pounds and to PR on deadlift, said Weghorst. My best is 525 lbs and I’m trying to get as far over that as I can.

Weghorst wants to perfect his form while wearing a lifter’s suit. Weghorst current PRs are 660 lbs in squat, 370 lbs in bench, 520 lbs in deadlift for a total of 1,550 lbs . Weghorst finished third in the regional meet.