Cuero Regional Hospital Renovates ICU

A major renovation project that has been updated in phases is now closer to completion. The ICU, used for critical patients received a much needed face lift.

“Here in our small community, we do have a lot of older people living in our community and its so important to have them be treated appropriately when needed” says registered nurse Jennifer Janssen.

Adding the very last minor flooring details, the Cuero Regional Hospital has officially opened up their renovated ICU as the second phase of this project.

“We did some renovations and expanded our emergency room and the ICU as part of that was able to expand because of that. And then this area had not been updated in a very long time” adds Administrative Director Lynn Falcone.

Like Jennifer, an RN of 14 years, now has a new workplace, one with marble counter tops to avoid the spread of infections and even an added splash of color.

“When you’re stuck in a room with white walls and everything you kind of get homesick- you don’t want to be here, you don’t feel good. So anything to make it more comfortable, warming beautiful. This makes you feel better about that as well,” she adds.

The $48,000 face lift was made possible by volunteers and even employees lent a hand. The need for a functioning ICU unit in a rural area is important for patients to stay close to where they call home.

“We’ve been able to make some improvements to the aesthetics of our hospital and make it more comfortable, and visually appealing to our patients but still provide high quality care and keep our patients here at home” says Dr. Gonzales, ICU Director.

The renovations took only about a month to complete and the hospital is expecting more updates in the coming weeks, which will include their day surgery unit.