Cuero Regional Hospital purchasing UV disinfection robot

CUERO, Texas – With the rise of COVID-19, many businesses are looking for better ways to disinfect and keep the virus at bay. Cuero Regional Hospital is doing just that with the help of a robot.

Thanks to a generous donation of $10,000 from Conoco-Philips, the Cuero Regional Hospital will be able to get a robot that emits ultraviolet-c or UV-c light to add into their disinfection procedures. The UV-c robot helps disinfect rooms more efficiently when used in addition to standard cleaning procedures. It can also help reduce infections acquired by patients in the hospital.

“It is leading edge technology that we will use to disinfect our healthcare areas. It’s a little robot that delivers automated doses of UV, and it times the amount of time the UV needs to be in the room. Housekeeping will clean the room and then the robot will enter and it will deliver the UV dosage based on the square footage of the room. So we can use it in patient rooms, the ICU, the emergency room, even ambulances,” Judy Krupala, Chief Nursing Officer says.

They will begin training on proper usage next week, and hope to incorporate it into the routine shortly after.