Cuero Regional Hospital debut new Telehealth Cardiology consultation tech

Cuero Regional Hospital has partnered with Access Physicians to provide Telehealth Cardiology consultations to their in-patients.

The Telehealth Cardiology equipment will allow Cuero Regional Hospital to provide cardiology consultation remotely through computer technology to their patients under cardiac care.

Over 20 seniors were on hand Thursday afternoon to test out the new equipment with a remote cardiologist.

Cuero CEO Lynn Falcone says today’s demonstration allows their in-patients on opportunity to ask questions and to see the equipment in action.

“I think knowing that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, that it’s a reminder for everyone. And, this is a good way to just make it in a more personal setting for those folks and allow them to ask questions in a much more comfortable setting without having to make an appointment to go see their doctor.”

Only 10 percent of cardiologists practice in rural america.

With the new Telehealth Cardiology equipment, Cuero Regional Hospital will now be able to provide cardiology consultation at a moments notice for their patients.