Cuero Native honors parents with Spanish-language children’s book series

Edward Lee Rocha's Book 1 and Book 2 available now

CUERO, Texas – Edward Lee Rocha was born and raised in Cuero, Texas. Rocha always believed that every person had a story. He studied abroad with the Rotary Club Youth Exchange to Argentina. Rocha was then inspired to promote language learning and bilingualism as a way for people to see and experience the world from different points of view. Soon after, he went on to find the Rola Languages, a language education company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Edward decided to use his business background and education experience to write and publish his children’s book series, “La Familia Rocha.”

Rocha created the “La Familia Rocha” series based on his inspiration of his hard working and loving parents. He honored them by telling the story of how they met and got married in their hometown of Cuero. He included illustrations based on real pictures of them in their youth. The series is a work of love dedicated to his parents and an education project to promote bilingualism, multiculturalism and cultural awareness of growing up Latino in a small town with a big family.

Although the ‘La Familia Rocha” series is an introductory Spanish series for children, it also applies to adult language learners. Rocha hopes to help students practice Spanish, while having fun and learning vocabulary. The book series is progressive in nature for two reasons: readers will learn more Spanish and learn about the characters in the series.

Rocha paid tribute to the beloved hometown that raised him by setting the backdrop of Cuero, Texas — from iconic water towers that mark rural communities in the region, to wildflowers honoring DeWitt County’s place as the wildflower capital of Texas, to the historic downtowns that are present in many small town communities.

Rocha is enthusiastic about bringing the “La Familia Rocha” book series back to his roots. He will be available for book readings and speaking engagements on the following dates: May 23 through 29 and Sept. 19 through 25. Further details will be available closer to set dates, as far as location and times. Contact Morgan Rath Lumaye at for media inquiries, such as requesting a free copy of the books for your local public library or to host your own “La Familia Rocha” event for a private group, organization or school.

The book series will have six books, and books 1 and 2 are available now for purchase. More “La Familia Rocha” adventures are coming out over 2021