Cuero juneteenth celebration

Saturday morning the second annual Juneteenth celebration took place in Cuero.

Juneteenth is just a few days away but here at the First Presbyterian Church, they celebrated with food, entertainment, and a free community health fair.

Offering some free health screenings so that our community can be more proactive and take preventative measures in their health.

Emily is the marketing director at Cuero Regional Hospital she moved to the area more than a year ago. She felt that it was important to bring this free health screening to the Juneteenth celebration to provide compassionate care for the community. Cuero regional hospital brought several departments to the event.

“A couple of our departments are here today. We have Cuero home health they’re doing some great screenings, blood pressures blood sugars. We have Judy here with our er that has information on strokes and fall prevention some excellent information,” said Weatherly.

Weatherly was asked what are some preventative measures that will be taken if an individual’s blood pressure is high.

“We will certainly give them information on the next steps they need to do of course we would want to advise them to seek medical attention especially if its very high to take immediate action and also even if they are just kind of in the middle zone it could be ranging a little higher than normal we would advise them to follow up with their medical provider,” said Weatherly.

While some people attended the health fair others were outside enjoying getting ready for the food and enjoying the entertainment.