Cuero ISD changing security measures

Yesterday we told you about changes to the Bay City ISD’s dress code as a means to improve safety… Today Cuero isd is making changes to their security procedures for the upcoming school year. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to the district and tells us what he learned. After an uptick in school shootings, and Governor Abbot calling for increased security…Cuero isd is making changes to keep their students safe this upcoming school year. “One of the things we looked at was our front entry ways were not secure as we would like them to be,” says Micah Dwyer, Superintendent. The next time you are walking up to your child’s school during school hours, the doors will be locked.
“Well it’s the safety and security of kids, you’re not just worried about active shooters, I mean you don’t want just someone randomly off the street accessing your school for whatever reason,” tells Dwyer. I asked Dwyer how can parents check out their students if the doors are locked.
“With this mechanisms we are buying, they will have a call button system where they call and reach the secretary or the principal of the campus and they will advise them of where they need to go,” adds Dwyer. The reasoning behind security changes….
“Safety of the kids is our number one responsibility because we cant do anything else we do up here, if parents and children do not feel like they are safe. This is just an added measure to help with the safety during the day,” explains Dwyer. Breaking down the changes in terms of dollars and cents….
“Phase one is going to cost about 30,000 dollars, we are going to look at adding more doors and secure entry ways along the way,” says Dwyer. Cuero ISD will use a fund balance to pay for this project.
“Its basically a school savings account, when you have localized things you need to work on thats not at a high enough rate for you to go out and get a bond, you use local funds,” tells Dwyer. Dwyer says this wont prevent escape in the event of an emergency.