Cuero Highschool gets Automotive Program

Cuero Highschool held their first annual open house for their new automotive program.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to check under the hood and tells us about the program.

Cuero ISD is opening the door for many students who have a passion for cars.

“Last year we had about 15 kids at the end of the year who said we really wish we had an auto mechanics program,” says Micah Dyer, Superintendent.

This is year they are starting the auto mechanics program to the school. teacher William Stovall says he wants to teach the students the basics of being a mechanic.
“We start off our classes with a basics program, which is kind of meant to be good ol fashion of teaching them how to work on a car and teach them how to own a car,” tells William Stovall, Teacher.

Some of the basic things Mr. Stovall will teach the students are..
“Getting someone to change a tire, or how to check oil. These are some of the good ol fashion basics,” adds Stovall.

Although he is teaching the basics, Mr Stovall says because the program is small right now, he is able to teach them more things.
“Some of these guys are getting the chance to pull heads apart early. We are getting to build things up and they are going through their documentation to really move a little bit faster,” tells Stovall.

For student Kasey Schultz, he believes this program is something the school has been missing.
“its a really good thing because its something the school is been missing out on and the kids also been missing out on.

Schultz hopes to learn some things to help propel his career of being a technician.
“I want to learn my basics so that when I go to college to be a certified technician, im not sitting there with a blank slate not knowing what im doing at all,” says Kasey Schultz, Student. “I hope to become a certified technician and work for Hennsey performance.”

Tracy Schultz believes this program will really benefit her son along with the other students.
“im so excited for these kids, this is huge because this is something they can learn here and go on to UTI technologies get there degrees in and its such a broad band mechanics class. you can go from being a presser mechanic in the oil field to a Lamborghini mechanic because its going to set the whole foundation for their future,” explains Tracy Schultz, Parent.

The Schultz family donated a car and its part for the students to practice and learn how to fix.
“Im happy when i see people working on it. it’s a really good thing that we at least have one running car that the kids are able to tinker with,” declares Kasey Schultz

The overall goal for the students in this program is to help them become ASC certified.
“There is opportunities for everybody, this is something alot of kids enjoy and…you can make a really good living doing this too and the local dealerships here have kind of partner with us and kids who go through this program can go out there and get a job with them and they will help finish their training,” adds Dyer.