Cuero Heart and Sole Walk taking place Saturday, Feb. 16th

On Saturday, February 16th beginning at 8:00 AM, Cuero Regional Hospital will hold their 2nd annual Heart and Sole Walk located at Gobbler Stadium.

The walk is open to the public for all ages.

The walk is dedicated to community member Kathy Stanfill, who passed away due to heart disease. .

Cuero Regional CEO Lynn Falcone says, in addition to honoring Stanfill, the walk is a chance for the hospital to show just how easy it is to start walking for your health.

“Part of our purpose is to show how easy it is. You don’t have to go to the gym and pump iron. You don’t have to, you know, make it something overly strenuous. It’s just something as simple as getting in a good walk, it’s really good for you. So, I think that’s the other piece of it.”

Registration begins at 8 AM and will cost twenty dollars. Those who register will receive a t-shirt and goody bag.

Residents can still participate in the walk for free when the walk begins at 9 AM.