Cuero Fire Department investigates arson case at local textile plant

The Cuero Fire Department are continuing their investigation into an arson case at the unoccupied Mount Vernon Mills textile plant on April 2nd.

Cuero Fire Chief, James Barrie says a 14 year- old juvenile was arrested and charged with arson on April 4th after evidence proved he set off a fire inside the textile plant.

The juvenile, who also previously vandalized and spray painted the plant, thought it was abandoned. However, a Houston-based company, OHS Recourses Corp., bought the plant back in 2016.

The suspect set the fire off in the middle of the plant and the sprinklers installed in the mill prevented the fire from spreading and causing structural damage.

It took Cuero FD roughly 45 mins to put out the fire, mainly because it was difficult to weave the firehoses through the plant to the location of the fire I the center of the building.

Barrie adds multiple fingerprints and evidence suggest at least two other suspects were involved in the arson.

“We have a few suspects that we’re trying to look for. And, we also have fingerprint evidence that we’re sending to the lab to verify those identities, if we can’t get a confession out of those. So, continuing the investigation at this time,” said Fire Chief James Barrie

The fire department will interview the juvenile suspect at a later date and hope his statements will help them find the remaining suspects involved in the arson.