Cuero Family Spreads holiday cheer through Thanksgiving Dinner

It is the season of giving and throughout the country we are seeing acts of kindness, including right here in the Crossroads. the Lets Stand Together community organization is holding thanksgiving day dinner.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke to organizers about this special event. What started as a happy accident in the 90’s is now the let’s stand together Thanksgiving dinner in Cuero… Its more than a Thanksgiving fest for Isabel Patton because she is keeping her grandmother’s dream alive. “We started in 1994, my grandmother actually started and we used to do it out of the house,” says Isabel Patton, Organizer. Her grandmother Carolina Ruiz would cook too much food for her family on thanksgiving. So in the spirit of giving the Ruiz’s family would feed whoever was without.
“She used to actually have us deliver plates to people who she felt were less fortunate or couldn’t actually afford a Thanksgiving meal. she wanted to make sure everyone was taken care of,” explains Patton. Through the years this small town family dinner grew into the Lets Stand Together Community dinner and this year it’s expected to serve between 400 to a thousand people.

“Its about giving thanks, and being thankful for what you have because we have plenty of people that donate that have plenty,” adds Patton. The message behind their dinner is to create a sense of unity. “I actually have underlined unity because in order for a community to actually be one there has to be unity among them. so thats what i want everyone to take away. in order for us to actually prosper as a community we have to have that unity,” exclaims Patton. Last year’s dinner along with the traditional turkey day favorites of stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans and cranberry sauce featured 70 donated turkeys. This is the massive pit is where this years turkey’s will be prepared. “it’s the point of coming together and giving thanks. each and everyone whether you have or have not,” tells Patton.
They get a lot of donations from the community but they’re in search for volunteers
“The work actually starts before the dinner, we get donations and support from the community and on Wednesday we actually start here at 4pm. We ask That any and everybody that is able to come out and help,” says Patton. Debra Wimbish who cooks the stuffing has been volunteering for 10 years and says it’s great blessing.
“It means everything to me, i just love giving anyway and to be able to do that and give back to the community is just an awesome feeling,” declares Debra Wimbish, Volunteer.
Now if you’d like to donate or volunteer contact let’s stand together at 361-564-7868 or 361-243-0475.
The Ruiz family tells me that over cooking is no longer an issue because any left overs will be picked up and donated to Christ’s kitchen. .