Cuero experiencing a slump in COVID-19 vaccine registrations

Today's clinic was the lowest turnout

CUERO, Texas – The Cuero Regional Hospital held a first and second dose COVID-19 clinic today at the Cuero Intermediate school but the turnout wasn’t as strong as the previous clinics.

Cuero hospital staff reported their lowest turnout today with only 218 people coming to get their doses of the Moderna vaccine compared to the 300-500 people in previous clinics.

178 people got their second-dose vaccine but only 40 people came to get their first dose.

The hospital staff noticed a drop in vaccine registrations and think that the fear associated with the vaccine is influencing people’s decision to receive a dose.

We spoke with Cuero Regional Hospital nurses on the vaccine rollout and why they believe people are still fearful of the vaccine.

” I think there’s still that fear factor so i think that’s kinda why we’re seeing that slump right now for people not wanting to come out and get it but like i said earlier we’re a safe environment we have E.M.S on standby if you have any questions you can always call us at the Cuero regional hospital or at Cuero health department if you have concerns or questions you wanna ask we’ll be happy to answer them,” said infection prevention manager, Keisha Whitman.

” I think people are afraid because of the publicity that we’ve had because of other people’s reports and what I wanna say is we know that the covid virus is very dangerous for people and so the vaccine may have a few side-effects but it not as dangerous as the virus itself is,” said Cuero hospital nurse, Wilma Reedy.

We also spoke with Rhonda Green, a Cuero resident, who was worried about getting her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Now that I’ve gotten it, I’m a little more settled. when I arrived I was very anxious, I’ve never had the flu, never had the flu shot so I was having a lot of anticipation of getting this shot because I’m intentionally injecting myself with it and I was a little worried but I received the shot. didn’t feel much just the initial injection going in, I feel a little better now knowing that it’ll be okay, ” said Green.

Hospital staff hopes to increase the number of vaccinations at the next second-dose clinic on May 6.

To receive a COVID-19 dose in Cuero, click here to register.