Cuero Dealing with Bat Issues

“T he colony when they were downtown two years ago was estimated at 8,000-10,000.” Said Raymie Zella

The City of Cuero is dealing with a colony of bats living in the old Coke Building which is owned by the city. For years the city has been dealing with an issue with bats living in downtown buildings.

“W e found out that it was full of bats and we hired a bat expert to help us.” Said Zella

The bat expert recommended to the city that the downtown buildings be patched up so the bats couldn’t get back into the buildings and build the bats their own home.

” Instead of the bats going into our bat house they went into other buildings and as those people closed up their buildings they have now moved into our old coke building.” Said Zella

But when we visited the bats home today there was a bit of success for the city. Bat droppings on the ground which means some of the bats are using the home.

“I t must be working but I t’s been a very slow process.” Said Resident Paul Lucas

Downtown building owner Paul Lucas had his own experience in dealing with the bat colony.

“F or years and years we’ve had them up in our attics and things like that.” Said Lucas

With some bats living in the new home and some bats now at the old Coke Building the city is left to bat around ideas on what to do next. The city plans on closing up the old Coke Building and It’s ultimate goal is to move the bats next to the lake in the park.

“W ere not trying to er adicate the bats at all we know they are good for mother nature they eat a lot of insects.” Said Zella