Cuero Community Hospital Breaks Ground For New Medical Helicopter Service

“I think everybody in our community thinks that this is a better step in our health care.” For Cuero resident Susie Post, she never thought medical helicopter service would be an option in her community.
“I have had friends with children who have had to have a helicopter come in for one thing or another, and the waiting time is so much. To think that one would be parked in our own backyard is amazing,” says Post. Methodist Air Care is in partnership with Air-Evac to provide the medical air service to Cuero Community Hospital. The air service will provide life and limb saving emergencies where time is of the essence.
“within 30 minutes they could be at a major hospital, whereas being transported by ambulance could take two hours. Just the time frame alone could help save a life,” says Cuero Community Hospital Board Chairman Richard Wheeler.

Officials say that this service will be of no cost to the community or the hospital.
“This is not a usual opportunity. This is in fact unusual for rural communities to have helicopter service, but we know that they need them,” says Geoffrey Crabtree, Methodist Healthcare Sr. Vice President. And residents are excited about the opportunity.
“Our hospital is just a wonderful facility, and this just will add to it,” says Post.