Cuero Community Foundation helps local food banks

The Cuero Community Foundation has decided to do a matching fund. It will match up to 100,00 dollars that would go to area food banks in need in DeWitt County.

“Cuero Community Foundation is all about strengthening communities and trying to figure out the best way that we can take donations and maximize the benefit.”

With COVID-19 there are a lot of families struggling to put food on the table and need these donations to help them get food to survive.

“It’s such an exciting time to see that in the midst of all this trouble and all the burdens and worries those of us that are blessed enough that we can pass along gifts we’ve received and to help those who may not be as fortunate. It’s an incredible gift to give someone. “

The Cuero Community Foundation believe that no child, elderly or any family should go hungry and food should be the least of their worries during these tough times.