Cryotherapy Comes to Victoria

“Its basically an ice bath on steroids,” Depository Owner, Brandee Bratton said.
That’s how people describe this new health trend. Owners of CryoDepot Brandee and Joe Bratton just brought Cryo Therapy to their fitness center on East Rio Grande Street in December.

“Our body has the capability to heal its self it just needs a little help and that’s what Cryotherapy does,” Bratton said.

Cryotherapy is a pain treatment that uses a method of localized freezing temperatures to soothe irritated nerves. This new therapy helps athletes like power lifter, Julie Adams.

“I’ve been able to hit my numbers again so I’m really happy,” power lifter, Julie Adams said.

And its not just athletes who use Cryotherapy trainers say it benefits everyone.

“I love the cold. Its great on my muscles. It helps me recover. I’m 61 and it helps me get through my week,” CryoDepot customer, Tressa Story said.

I even tried a session. I was freezing, my skin was getting tight and I was out of breathe

“To cool his entire epidermal skin and basically we’re trying to get his skin down to about 48 to 54 degrees for the period that’s hes in there,” Joe Bratton said.

Cryotherapy offers benefits to help with pain management, injury recovery, performance, anti aging and more.

“All of his capillaries and vessels are contracting and pushing everything to the core to keep it warm and to protect it and while its there it’ll pick up nutrients, oxygen. As he comes out the body does a reset and says there’s inflammation and swelling over here, there’s pain down here and it tries to help recover,” Joe Bratton said.

“As an athlete for a long time I’ve ignored recovery. That’s always been my big deal. I’ll train train train and never recover properly,” CryoDepot customer, Caleb Shaw said.