Crossroads sheriffs alliance helped seize more than $2.4 million of drugs off the streets

The Crossroads Area Taskforce is composed of 9 county sheriff offices combining forces to combat crime.

VICTORIA, Texas- The Victoria Sheriff’s Office is one of the nine counties that is part of the Crossroads Area Task Force focused on preventing crime.

It’s the largest alliance in the nation, this after the continuous counties joined forces. 

Victoria County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Roy Boyd explains, “With that task force we brought in Victoria, the surrounding counties, Bee county and Wharton county as well. What this does is it combines the efforts of all the agencies within the area in an effort to combat drug trafficking that’s going on throughout the region.”

The coined term “fatal funnel” is actually a key route for the transportation of drugs to Houston and the southern border. In the first year, drug seizures have gone up.  

“We seized 325 pounds of marijuana, 132  pounds of methamphetamine, and a bunch of other drugs that totaled up to about 517 pounds worth of drugs with an estimated local street value of $2.4 million,” adds Boyd.

The revamped task force focuses on an active approach. Funding and planning goes towards lowering the number of victims in our community. 

“We believe that it is our duty to go out and find the criminals and intercept them before they make you a victim. That’s [why] the sheriffs have come together and do instead of sitting around and making reports about crime, we go out and prevent crime,” says Boyd. 

Future plans include applying for more state and federal grants to fund and expand the task force’s efforts.

“We take what we have, we apply with grants, we work close with our state and our national partners in order to be a force multiplier for these efforts, and that’s exactly what we need to [be doing],” explains Boyd.