Crossroads Guardians of Hope wins April Pay It Forward check

The recipient of April’s Pay It Forward check is Crossroads Guardians of Hope.

You may have seen or signed one of the pink vehicles in their fleet. Crossroads Guardians of Hope painted them pink to raise awareness about cancer surviviors as well as those who have passed due to cancer.

Pointing to the pink fire truck, Jay Young, Executive Director of Crossroads Guardians of Hope, reminds us that they do not own the pink truck. “The community, the people battling cancer owns the fire truck. This is for them. They sign it in memory of, or in honor of or as a cancer survivor.”

The money that the fire truck raises goes to local cancer patients to help them pay for their medical bills, helping them continue their treatments, help in general as they go through this difficult time.

Crossroads Guardians of Hope set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to get the pink fire truck fix and back on the road.

“We have actually been collecting money off of our Facebook page. We have a gofundme on there right now. And, just to help out but this brought us up to the amount we needed to get the truck fixed,” Young said.

The pink truck has become a staple in the community for people to sign or even just read. A symbol to the community that whether you or someone you know is battling cancer, you’re not alone.

“It gives them hope. To realize how many survivors there are and dealing with this. That there’s people, strangers that will come to you, give you a hug and tell you it’s gonna be okay. That’s what we’re here for.”

On behalf of the Crossroads Guardians of Hope, Jay Young, thanks the commuity for voting for them and helping them bring hope to the Crossroads.

“I guess words can’t really express how much we really do appreciate the Crossroads voting for us,” Young concludes.