Crossroads Football Live Bi-District playoffs week 1 games, scores

Here are the updated scores for the games in the Crossroads' area

VICTORIA, Texas – Crossroads Football Live Bi-District playoffs week 1 games and scores: Here is a look at the teams from Week 1 of South Texas high school football Bi-District games we followed on Crossroads Football Live.

Crossroads Football Live Scores:

Ozona vs. Ganado: 18-68 (FINAL)

Victoria West vs. Memorial: 28-50 (FINAL)

C.H. Yoe vs. Hallettsville: 38-42 (FINAL)

YMLA San Antonio vs. Cuero: 7-62 (FINAL)

Harper vs. Shiner: 6-76 (FINAL)

Yates vs. El Campo: 18-63 (FINAL)

Santa Maria vs. Refugio: 6-70 (FINAL)

Lyford vs. Industrial: 7-34 (FINAL)

Sabinal vs. Yorktown: 20-62 (FINAL)

Goliad vs. London: 21-27 (FINAL)

Academy vs. Yoakum: 28-22 (FINAL)

Louise vs. Bruni: 16-32 (FINAL)

Calhoun vs. Grulla: 56-14 (FINAL)

Tidehaven vs. Rogers: 42-29 (FINAL)

Bishop vs. Edna: 0-0 (1st quarter)

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