Crossroads Football Live 2022 week 5 highlights and scores

Here are scores and updates for the games in the Crossroads' area

VICTORIA, Texas – It is week 5 for Crossroads Football Live. Here is a look at the teams from Week 5 of South Texas high school football games we followed and their scores:

Victoria West vs. CC King: 72-21 (FINAL)

Victoria East vs. Carroll: 53-7 (FINAL)

Saint Joseph vs. Brownsville: 40-47 (FINAL)

Gregory Portland vs. Calhoun: 41-22 (FINAL)

El Campo vs. Navasota: 45-35 (FINAL)

Beeville vs. Cuero: 28-82 (FINAL)

Gonzales vs. Yoakum: 15-42 (FINAL)

Goliad vs. Industrial: 22-23 (FINAL)

Mathis vs. Palacios: 22-42 (FINAL)

Southwest Christian vs. Hallettsville: 35-34 (FINAL)

Rice vs. Tidehaven: 28-42 (FINAL)

Shiner vs. Ganado: 50-12 (FINAL)

Refugio vs. Bloomington: 55-0 (FINAL)

Yorktown vs. Somerville: 28-35 (FINAL)

Louise vs. Runge: 43-0 (FINAL)

Victoria Cobras vs. Winston: 50-0 (FINAL)

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