Crossroads community greeted the Warriors Weekend caravan

Friday afternoon was a busy one at Parkway Church on the Field of Honor, as hundreds of veterans arrived to Victoria.

Veterans from every branch of service from across the country gathered in a field lined with American flags, each representing a warrior.

The families stood honoring those who have paid the ultimate price of freedom along with a quick prayer for those traveling to Port O’Connor for a weekend of fishing and fun.

Ronnie Gennings is a veteran retired for 25 years now who has attended Warriors Weekend for the 4th consecutive year all the way from North Carolina. He says, “I’m here in this field of flags, and it’s so beautiful and inspiring being here in Texas, and these guys are doing so much great things for us and it’s so enthusiastic just sitting here being here, looking around at the vets that are here, and I feel just so energetic when I’m here.”

Veterans boarded the buses to make a route through Victoria. People lined up on sides of the roads to wave and greet veterans.

Both VPD and DPS troopers closed down roads to traffic for a smoother ride. They will be on their way to Port O’Connor as their final destination.

Each flag will be flown until Memorial Day weekend, then folded and sent to each corresponding warrior.