Crossroads Clinical Research is looking for people to participate in the COVID-19 testing trial

VICTORIA, Texas- Crossroads Clinical Research will start a testing trial for an antibody that could possibly treat COVID-19. They are looking for individuals who are having symptoms of the coronavirus and haven’t been to the hospital.

The treatment is scheduled to start on August 3rd or 4th and Crossroads Clinical research is looking for about 25 to 50 patients to participate in this study.

“Right now the body doesn’t have any antibodies for this particular virus. So what Elea did is that they took an antibody from the first person that was exposed to COVID-19 in the United States, who was protected. After you get sick that’s when you develop the antibodies. So they took this antibody from this one individual and they cloned it billions of times and by giving you the antibody from this one person your body then gets protection from COVID,” said Jerry Plemons, the site Director at Crossroads Clinical Research.

Jerry Plemons says this treatment will be done under Dr. Verma’s just in case someone has an allergic reaction. The treatment is free and anyone participating will be paid to do it.