Crestwood Drive to be redone in 2019

The new year of 2019 will see some well traveled streets in Victoria finally getting a much needed makeover.

In January, the city plans to begin work on rebuilding of Crestwood Drive between Navarro and Laurent Streets.

The rebuild of Crestwood is a part of the city’s Capital Improvement Project, which is a plan by the city, to improve and replace utilities and streets within the city that are in the most need of repair.

O.C. Garza, with the City of Victoria admits the repair of Crestwood has been slow to begin, but that is soon going to change.

“The reason Crestwood has been delayed so long is it’s a two pronged job. It needs total utility replacement and then we need a new street built on top of that,” Director of Communications O.C. Garza says.

Crestwood Drive from Navarro to Main Street will begin its total utility and street replacement in 2020.