Cowboy Cocktails

VICTORIA,Texas–The Chisholm Trail Heritage Museum known for connecting visitors to the everyday lives of pioneer ancestors and that era in American history have a new event coming up as part of their adult education class which consists a series of different aspects of the West that aren’t talked much about and allow people to try something hands on. One of the main classes will start on February 28th the education coordinator, Bryan Gonzalez, explained more about it. 

“It’s called Cowboy Cocktails, we tend to think cowboys only drink whiskey or beer but actually when you look at the records there was a lot of wine, there was a lot of champagne, there were a lot of cocktails in the west. So guests who come to this will actually have a chance to try some of these cocktails from the time period and see how they’re made,” said Gonzalez.

Those attending will be able to enjoy their favorite cocktail from the evening as well as be among the first to explore the recently renovated English-German schoolhouse while enduring a popular 19th century saloon game.