COVID-19 survivor says “COVID-19 isn’t a death sentence”

After quarantine, Gomez is getting used to life after COVID-19

VICTORIA, Texas – COVID-19 has plagued the U.S. for months now and one resident in the crossroads area has tested positive for COVID-19 but has recovered and now he’s trying to get back to his normal day to day life.

Gomez disinfects everything from his car to his home — to even money. This husband and father says that he didn’t have the typical symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, shortness of breath and cough. Instead his sense of taste and smell were gone which is why he decided to go to the hospital. He didn’t know he would later receive news that would change his life.

Four days later I got the phone call and they said well we just got your test results back sorry but the lab was kinda backed up, but you tested positive. I was floored I was dumbfounded i said how in the world can that be.

Gomez’s family also tested for the virus and thankfully, they all tested negative. Gomez says the hardest part for him was the mental stress that came with having COVID-19, but the support of his family and friends made it bearable.

The psychological toll that it took… there are times that you are sitting there  isolated from everybody and i mean everybody, you aren’t moving they reached out and they would bring me things and they didn’t really treat me any differently.

Although COVID-19 has made Gomez more cautious when he goes out and interacts with people, he is thankful that he is doing better and slowly gaining his smell and taste back. Gomez wants those that are fighting the virus to know that just because you have the virus, it does not  mean it’s a death sentence.