COVID-19 Sunday briefing

VICTORIA,Texas–On Sunday afternoon Victoria county leaders met again at the office of emergency operations for their daily briefing. The area leaders emphasized on staying home if you feel any flu like symptoms to prevent the virus from transmitting as well to start practicing social distancing.

“We’ve gotta do our part and we’ve gotta keep ourselves obviously our hands clean so we’re  not spreading the virus and that is the part those folks in the lower risk definitely have to play,” said David Gonzales.

The county leaders are taking the guidance of subject experts on the COVID-19 situation and will make decisions based upon that knowledge for the betterment of the community.

:It’s important that we also continue to refocus or remind individuals that we could only do so much as the government entities here in Victoria its important that people on the personal side or maybe business leaders or organizations take it upon themselves to make some of the decisions on their own with the information they have available,” said Jesus Garza.

The area leaders want to assure the community that if a case were to come to Victoria  that as professionals in this endeavor they will take all scenarios into account.